Choose your own level of epic backcountry adventure

A Bar Z Mountain Adventures offers trips for every taste and level of back country experience, from novice to expert hiker and horseman.  No horse experience required.

Dip your toes in

Level 1

You want a short experience – a taste of the wilderness without too much commitment. Regular outdoor adventuring may not be your thing (yet!) You may love horses too, though haven’t had a chance to be around them much.


Level 2

You love to explore and you’re motivated to move to reach a specific mountain destination. You’re in decent shape and are looking for an authentic backcountry experience with some camping in the mix. You’re open to a good hike but the idea of not lugging all your gear definitely appeals to you!

Go deep

Level 3

You’re an adventure through and through. You set goals for yourself to reach a certain rest stop or peak. You’re in good shape. You enjoy relaxing and exploring but you’re excited, willing and able to put the work in to reach your mountain destination.

Get in touch with your inner cowboy!

Check out all our backcountry mountain h-hiking adventures and backcountry camp experiences.

French? German? We’ve got interpreters for you!

Experience Canadian mountain wilderness
the authentic (cowboy) way

Expect a real slice of pristine Canadian mountain wilderness – yours to see and experience. Dip your toes in and get a taste or go for the complete rugged guided mountain experience – the choice is yours.

A deeper description here of territories, terrain and what that means… You’ll travel our exclusive backcountry territory within the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy, located in southeastern British Columbia. We guarantee you spectacular wilderness, lush landscape, great food and comradeship. You’ll get a real taste of cowboy life and exposure to amazing Canadian wildlife: elk, goat, bear, moose, deer. Stay in rustic wilderness log cabins, far from tourists.