Skyline Ride

Daylong Ride

Spend the day journeying up Hopeful Creek to the skyline, and look over the top of the mountain into Brewer Creek

Venture away from civilization and experience a day in the mountains! See incredible vistas and check out our rustic Hopeful Creek Cabin

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Hike it!

Grab your day pack, we will give you a bag lunch, and we’ll hit the trails! This is a guided hike, three hours one way if a steady pace is maintained. Hike the trail up Hopeful Creek and reach the skyline. Break over the top and look into the next valley, Brewer Creek! You’ve made it!  Enjoy your mountain top lunch and explore the area until you are ready to journey back down the trail and return to your vehicle.

Ride it!

Load your day items into your saddle bags, we will supply you with a bag lunch and up the mountain we go! Your guide will take you up the Hopeful Creek trail to the skyline where you can look over the top into Brewer Creek! It is beautiful! Enjoy your mountain top lunch and spend your day exploring before you head back down the trail back to your vehicle. (Some walking, rather than riding is required on the way down).

Set Dates

July 12 • July 27 • August 9 • August 25


Standard: 1 day


$300 per person
Maximum 6 guests per trip

Please Note

At A Bar Z Mountain Adventures, our experienced guides provide a safe and enjoyable adventure for all our clients.

  • All trips subject to applicable taxes.
  • Trips and prices subject to change without notice.
  • Please provide 1 week notice for all multi day trips.
  • 1 day notice for 1 day trips/summer camp.
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