Our Guides


Our guides, equipment, horses and camps are first class and second to none.

Having an experienced backcountry guide at your side in the mountains can really relieve stresses and make your adventure truly unforgettable. Our guides know all our trails and camps, the surrounding areas and its history.


Your guide will be able to tell you the names of creeks, waterfalls and peaks, as well as what type of trees you are hiking by and what types of vegetation certain animals eat. They can identify animal tracks and scat, and give you an idea of the animals you are sharing the mountain with.


Our experienced guides can also help keep you safe if you ever encountered a lager harrier animal.  What do you do when you see a big bear wandering ahead of you on the trail while you are hiking home? Our guides have knowledge of bears and how they may act, or react to us in certain situations. They will help keep you safe, informed and on the right track no matter where you choose to explore!

Premier “Organizer”, Outfitter and Mountain Guide

Brent has been a part of A/Z Mountain Adventures since 1975 and loves every opportunity to head into the wilderness. Brent’s amazing organizational talents ensure you will truly experience “Where Wilderness Begins”. He’s a pretty darn good cook too!

Outfitter and Mountain Guide

Bill brings over 70 years of experience to A/Z Mountain Adventures, with over 55 of those years in the Purcell Mountains. There is no wilderness unknown to Bill. Bill instilled a love of the wilderness to his son Brent, who is continuing the tradition with his children Mackenzie, Spencer & Teagan.

Cook and Wrangler

If you ever want to see your husband who is an Outfitter & Guide, you better love wilderness!  Tanya is just that person.  She loves travelling through the mountains and at the end of the day, preparing mouth watering home cooked meals.  Most of all, she loves family, and she welcomes all adventurers into her family.


With a grandfather, father & mother who love the mountains; it is no surprise the DuBois children are following in their footsteps. The future Mountain Guides have already begun their training with trips into the high country starting when they were old enough to sit a horse. They also pursue many other interests such as reading, hockey and judo.

Mountain Guide

Fred was born in the Columbia Valley touring throughout the mountain ranges all of his life.  His passions are wildlife, fishing, hiking, pack trips, photography and wood working.

Mountain Guide & Cook

Ritchie is a lifelong resident of the Columbia Valley with amazing cooking talents!  Ritchie’s calm, quiet manner is a mask for his boundless energy and his many words of wisdom.


Mountain Guide

Colin was born and raised in the Columbia Valley. Colin has spent his lifetime exploring the backcountry to learn every corner of wilderness. He has shared his immense knowledge and experiences of the area in two published books.


Cook, Wrangler

Cathy has spent her whole life in the mountains and has a great deal of knowledge of mountain flowers, plants and birds. Cathy is a fantastic cook and pleasure to travel the trails with.


Hiking Guide

Aaron’s passion for hiking the high country is contagious! Make sure you take your vitamins though. Aaron is also an accomplished writer, with a book published about different trails he has explored throughout the Columbia Valley.

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