What is H-Hiking?

What is H-hiking?

 Horse-assisted hiking – the sweetest way to camp in the mountains!

You walk along top ridges with incredible vistas. The horses carry your gear. Arrive to fully stocked camps. Rustic luxury!

Soak in the incredible mountain vistas and the experience without worrying about the weight of your pack.

Our wranglers do all the work: they’ll pack up your tent, your gear and move locations while your experienced mountain guide leads you through the Purcell Wilderness. Now that’s hiking!


Each day we try and keep hiking time under 6 hours and our camping locations are all over 7000 ft. A short climb each day gets you above tree line and the bulk of your day will be spent on the skyline. This lets you enjoy your trip with minimal physical strain but gives you the option to bag a few peaks along the way.


At the end of each day you will arrive to a cold beverage in a comfortable tent camp in the high alpine. Our horses let us hike in style, with mouth watering home cooked meals throughout the day. We limit your weight to 60 lbs/person but that is your own gear and beverages of your choice.


There is an abundance of wildlife and flowers throughout this trip as well as a great lake to fish along the way. This trip leads you through the top end of 12 different valleys and the final valley will bring you to our beautiful cabin, Big Cabin that is even equipped with a shower.

Regular Camping in the Mountains

  •  No guide to show you the way and give info
  • No extra knowledge of area history
  • Carry all your own gear, limiting room for extra luxuries
  • Eat freeze dried meals
  • Tent with little bedding

H-Hiking with A Bar Z

  • Experienced guide to show you the way and give info
  • Knowledge of area, vegetation, and history
  • Our horses carry all your gear, room for extra luxuries
  • We purchase and pack in all your fresh meals(steak, pork, chicken, salads, veggies)
  • Use our cabins with full kitchens, wood heat, padded bunks
  • Enjoy tent camps with comforts you’d like packed by horses
A Bar Z - Purcell Mountain Adventures - Hiking & Horses

No horse experience necessary

A Bar Z - Purcell Mountain Adventures - Hiking & Horses