About Us

We’re a second generation, family-owned and operated business.

Join us for a mountain adventure

you’ll never forget!

Over 35 years in the same territory

Brent DuBois, a second generation guide, is joined by other guides experienced in the Purcell Mountains, including company founder Bill DuBois. You will travel our exclusive territory within the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy, located in southeastern British Columbia.

A Bar Z - Purcell Mountain Adventures - Hiking & Horses

Expect a real slice of pristine wilderness that is yours to be seen and experienced, featuring:

  • Spectacular wilderness
  • Amazing wildlife: elk, goat, bear, moose, deer and much more
  • Lush landscape
  • Great food
  • Great comradeship
  • Horseback journey and hiking through the majestic rugged Purcell Mountains
  • Semi-wilderness and wilderness log cabins
  • No crowd of tourists
You’ll enjoy the down home atmosphere, both on the trail and in camp. We have four basic log cabin camps with one or more cabins at each camp. Our guides, equipment, horses and camps are first class and second to none.
A Bar Z - Purcell Mountain Adventures - Hiking & Horses

Individual attention and consideration is given to each client – we customize trips to suit your needs and desires. We keep our group sizes small: 4 – 8 participants, to ensure a more personal experience for each client and to maintain a manageable group size for your safety.

Lighten your mountain adventure with one of our horse-assisted hiking tours. Or actually do some riding on a 5 or 7 day pack-horse tours. Either way, no experience with horses is required.

Where “Wilderness” Begins!