Wildlife Viewer

5 Days

Riding along well defined horse trails, you will ride through lush alpine meadows and majestic Douglas Fir forests and past pristine sparkling mountain lakes. If the urge to stop and fish hits you, we will stop. After all – time is boundless in the wilderness!

Glacier Touring & Wildlife Viewing

7 days

By travelling to two or more camps, the trip allows you the opportunity to explore further into the mountains and participate more on the trip.

Horse-assisted Hiking

Horse assisted hiking offers a gate way into the most beautiful country in the world and all you have to pack is your camera! Imagine a hiking trip that all you need to do is roll your sleeping bag in the morning and you are on your way.

The Purcell Mountains

Where wilderness begins

Horse Assisted Hiking and Pack Trips in the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park in southeastern British Columbia.

When you book a mountain adventure with A/Z Mountain Adventures, you’re booking a truly magnificent wilderness experience!

Our experienced guides will immerse you in wilderness. Pristine landscapes, majestic mountains, lakes sparkling like gems, lush mountain vegetation and mounds of wildlife. All to be experienced from your desired mode of transportation: horseback or your own trustworthy legs.